World Clean Up Day 🌎

Aus internationalem Anlass heute mal auf Englisch!

Is it a special day today? YES! World clean up day is a civic movement to free our planet by human caused pollution. Since 2018 it’s happening on every third saturday of September. Of course it doesn’t mean that you should care about the pollution problem only today, but having an „official reminder“ helps to attract attention and sensibilize the society.

It doesn’t matter where you are, I am sure you find a spot close to your place respecting all COVID-19 restrictions. Picking up some plastic particles or cigarette butts on the floor is a beginning. Of course you should clean your hands regulary and/or wear gloves (the re-usabel ones!). Organize a competition with your friends or try plogging, which is composed by „plocka“ (swedish for pick up) and „jogging“ to make it more fun!

Every little move contributes to a cleaner world. All living beings and the planet will thank you for it!

For more information I invite you to check the official website here !

Below I take you with me to Corsica, the island of beauty, cleaning up a spot that you can only acces by feet or by the sea, for example by canoe! When we found this much plastic, which is hardly possible to carry with you while hiking, it was clear what we had to do…

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